Conveyorised Coating Systems

Designed to suit your manufacturing needs, our conveyorised coating systems involve five key products:

small coat system

Surface preparation is critical to adhesion of the coating. An Emjay multiple power spray machine, complete with individual solution tanks and pumps, will ensure that your product is ready for ideal adhesion.

small coat system

The drying oven exposes the product to heated circulating air to promote rapid evaporation of moisture. The time and temperature cycle depends on product material, thickness, and ability to drain.
A large volume of heated air is distributed through the internal ductwork to provide uniform heat in the oven.
The oven enclosure is of insulated construction and air seals at entry and exit openings minimize heat loss from the oven.
A cool down area is required following this oven to obtain suitable parts temperature prior to coating.

Powder coating

A variety of coatings can be used in a paint system and they are applied in many different ways.
This system illustrates the automatic powder booth with manual reinforcing facility.
The booth is castor mounted to allow off-line cleaning. A second booth, previously cleansed, could be positioned on-line in a few minutes requiring minimal time to complete the colour change with the cleaning of the spray guns and recovery cyclone.
This still remains the best value-for-money approach when selecting equipment.

Cure Oven

The cure oven is designed to cure the applied coating on the product surface within the required time and air temperature in the oven heat zone.< br/> The insulated oven enclosure is equipped with an air heating system, a circulating fan and supply air ductwork to maintain a uniform temperature in the oven.
Air seals at entry and exit openings minimise heat loss from the oven.

Overhead conveyor

The conveyor is designed to position and carry the product through each item of equipment which comprises the system.
The type, length and layout of the circuit depends on: the process, available floor space, size and weight of the product, and desired production rate.
Most coating systems utilize the 458 style, heavy duty type of overhead conveyor.